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AUDIOS (Jeff Lynne, ELO, The Move...)

Ringo Starr:
Give More Love (US) (UK) (France)

The Move: Magnetic Waves Of Sound
The Best Of (CD + DVD) (US) (UK) (France)

Jeff Lynne's ELO:
Alone In The Universe (US) (UK) (France)

Bryan Adams:
Get Up! (US) (UK) (France)

Pugwash: Play This Intimately
(As If Among Friends) (US) (UK) (France)

Various artists:
The Art Of McCartney (US) (UK) (France)

Take That:
III (US) (UK) (France)

Roy Orbison:
Mystery Girl (2014 Deluxe version) (US) (UK) (France)

Jeff Lynne:
Long Wave (US) (UK) (France)

Jeff Lynne:
Armchair Theatre (2013 version) (US) (UK) (France)

Electric Light Orchestra:
Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best Of ELO (US) (UK) (France)

Electric Light Orchestra:
Electric Light Orchestra Live (US) (UK) (France)

Electric Light Orchestra:
Zoom (2013 version) (US) (UK) (France)

Various artists:
American Hustle (soundtrack) (US) (UK) (France)

Various artists:
Listen To Me - Buddy Holly (US) (UK) (France)

Joe Walsh:
Analog Man (US) (UK) (France)

VIDEOS (concerts, movies, clips...)

The Beatles And World War II
(aka All This And World War II) (US) (UK) (France)

The Move: Magnetic Waves Of Sound
The Best Of (CD + DVD) (US) (UK) (France)

Jeff Lynne's ELO:
Live In Hyde Park + Mr. Blue Sky
Blu-ray (US) Blu-ray (UK) Blu-ray (France)

Electric Light Orchestra:
Live At Wembley + Bonus (SD Blu-ray) (US) (UK)

American Hustle (US) (UK)

The Move:
The Lost Broadcasts (US) (UK) (France)

Electric Light Orchestra:
Live - The Early Years (US) (UK) (France)

BOOKS (biographies, novels...)

Pam Van Allen -
Midnight On The Water (US) (UK) (France)

Alex, Wesley & Roy Jr. Orbison with
Jeff Slate - The Authorized Roy Orbison (US) (UK) (France)

John Van Der Kyste -
ELO - Song By Song (US) (UK) (France)

John Van Der Kyste - Jeff Lynne:
ELO - Before And After (US) (UK) (France)

Peter Sutter -
Eldorado (Part 1) (US) (UK) (France)

Peter Sutter -
Eldorado (Part 2) (US) (UK) (France)

Brian Paone -
Yours Truly, 2095 (US) (UK) (France)

Randy Blazak -
The Mission Of The Sacred Heart (US) (UK) (France)

David Scott Morgan (Dave Morgan) -
Patterns In The Chaos (US) (UK) (France)

John Van Der Kyste - Roy Wood:
The Move, Wizzard And Beyond (US) (UK) (France)

Bev Bevan -
Electric Light Orchestra Story (US) (UK)

Unexpected Messages: The Story Of
ELO, The Move, Jeff Lynne... (UK)