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Electric Light Orchestra

Spotlight Special

08 August 1980- ABC Radio Show

The ELO Story
Interviews with Jeff Lynne, Don Arden, Olivia Newton-John...

Spotlight Special - The ELO Story (01:45:48)

John Bonham

Tribute To John Bonham
October 1980 - BRMB Radio

Hosted by John Slater
Interviews with Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Danny King...

Tribute To John Bonham (55:01)


Jeff Lynne


Interview with Jeff Lynne
Hosted by Jim Ladd

Innerview (47:59)

Electric Light Orchestra

What's It All About
November 1981 - Presbyterian Church Public Service

Hosted by Bill Huie
Interview with Jeff Lynne

What's It All About (04:22)


Jeff Lynne

27 June 1983

Hosted by Bob Coburn
Interview with Jeff Lynne

Rockline (36:13)

Electric Light Orchestra

Rock Over London (Part 1 & 2)
23 & 30 March 1986 - UK Syndicated Radio Show

Hosted by Graham Dene
Interview with Jeff Lynne & Bev Bevan

Rock Over London (12:51)

Electric Light Orchestra

Startrak Profile
31 March 1986 - Westwood One

Hosted by Phil Hendrie
Interview with Jeff Lynne

Startrak Profile (49:46)

George Harrison

10 February 1988 - 95.5 KLOS

Hosted by Bruce Coburn
Interviews with George Harrison & Jeff Lynne

Including acoustic live by George Harrison/Jeff Lynne:
Here Comes The Sun/The Bells Of Ryhmney/Tambourine Man/Take Me As I Am/That's All Right/That's What It Takes/Let It Be Me/Something/Every Grain Of Sand

Rockline (01:19:04)